I'm lying in bed with a cat and my youngest, watching an episode of Magic School Bus and playing on my phone. He got his feelings hurt by his brother (the one he shares a room with) getting to stay at a friend's house tonight, so he can't sleep. After this, he's going to bed, and I'm going to go say goodnight to O-H… » 1/30/15 11:23pm Friday 11:23pm

Teenagers can be pretty awesome... even to their parents!

Most of you know that my 16 year old son has had more than his share of troubles this past year, what with his mental health crisis a few months ago and the accompanying problems. There have been times that he has been extremely aggressive and difficult to handle. We've finally got him on a good med combination and… » 1/30/15 9:53pm Friday 9:53pm

My wedding cost $800 (wait, wait, don't start throwing things at me!) BUT that was 15 years ago, we had less than 20 people there, I wore a dress and shoes I already owned, the church waived the usual fee because my grandparents were founding members, and the reception was at the restaurant my mom and I both worked… » 1/30/15 9:08pm Friday 9:08pm

Put the chicken in a baking dish, drizzle it all over with honey, sprinkle a fair amount of soy sauce over that, and scatter a clove of minced garlic on top. Cover and stick in the oven for about an hour at 350F (or until you suddenly remember that you have something in the oven, like I usually do). You can shred it,… » 1/30/15 4:33pm Friday 4:33pm

I've been told that fibromyalgia pain can be somewhat relieved by going on a gluten-free diet. Mind you, I don't know this from personal experience, just what I've heard from other people. Almost-MIL has fibromyalgia but I can't get her to give it a chance :/ » 1/28/15 9:19pm Wednesday 9:19pm

we've had a couple rounds of this in my family. My oldest got it when he was about 6 and he was pretty miserable because the ones in the mouth were really painful. Lots of popsicles, applesauce, and ice cream! Nothing acidic (no oj!) because that will just irritate the skin. » 1/27/15 11:30am Tuesday 11:30am